Site Selection & Location Analysis

The site selection and location analysis process has become extremely strenuous. Due to the time commitment required to perform such a task, hiring a third-party consultant has become a must. Fortune believes outsourcing this task to a qualified provider allows a company to focus on what they do best: increasing the bottom line.
Through Fortune’s decades of experience in the commercial real estate market and expert advice around incentive consulting, we ensure every dollar is accounted for.

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Real Estate Assessment & Evaluation

Fortune’s highly experienced real estate team will conduct an assessment and evaluation upon understanding your needs.

Workforce Analysis & Identification Of Available Resources

For most industries, workforce is the hot topic. Fortune will provide a detailed analysis of the available workforce and resources your company can tap into.

Tax Analysis & Cost Proforma

Taxes and cost. Two key drivers to locating a new facility. Fortune assists in providing a detailed proforma of all potential taxes and costs to be incurred, so you can take the guesswork out.

Utility & Infrastructure Assessment

Upon understanding your utility needs, Fortune will ensure the current infrastructure is suitable for your operation. If upgrades are needed, our team will coordinate with the respective parties.

Identification, Negotiation, & Implementation

Local and state governments across the country have created incentive programs to spur more capital investment and job creation. Our team at Fortune will identify, negotiate, and assist with the implementation of the programs you are eligible for.

Developer Relations & Construction Implementation

While Fortune is not a construction or general contractor company, we do work closely with some of the best and brightest. Due to those relations, we are able to bring your project all the way to the ribbon-cutting stage.